Avocado/Neon Nacho - Anti Surfer Surfer Club - Tee

$ 34.00 $ 38.00

"Anti Surfer Surfer Club" 

I guess, since we surf, people label us as surfers, but we are so much more than that.

We like to surf, but don't necessarily like to be labeled as just a "surfer" all bunched up into one general group.

And, to be honest, sometimes other surfers can suck ;) They snake your parking stall, they snake your waves, they have a bad attitude, etc 🤪

Plus, surfing is something we like to do, but doesn't define our entire existence, because we have other interests too!

Whether you identify as a surfer, or don't, you are a part of the club, the Anti-Surfer Club made up of us, surfers. (And it's just a funny little inside joke for us all)

Show the world how you feel about the sometimes pigeon-holding term "surfer." 

Being a "surfer" has multiple meanings to so many different people.  We're all unique, but our love of surfing is what we have in common. 

Be a part of our Anti Surfer Surfer Club.

100% cotton, slim fashion fit, unisex (men's) t-shirt. 

(If you have our original Black Anti Surfer tees, this tee is a slightly different cut and feel)

 Very limited run, never to be restocked


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